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Behind the Author

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In my first-grade journal, I wrote my first story about a fox who lost his home. Ever since, I have been writing and reading stories, particularly stories that make me laugh and think. I would write stories and type up newsletters for my family's enjoyment. 


At about ten years old, I discovered Anne of Green Gables and found her to be a kindred spirit. Her fiery hair and spunky nature resonated with me, and her love of imagination and learning spurred me on.


  When I was about 12 years old, I realized I needed saving from myself, and I gave my life to Jesus. Now I want to do everything for Him, including writing. There have been some ups and downs in my faith journey, but I'm thankful that Jesus remains unchanging in his love and grace in my life. 

I started learning violin around this time, and a year later, my family moved from Ohio to South East Kentucky. There I learned fiddle. If anyone ever asks, the difference between a violin and a fiddle is this: a violin has strings, but a fiddle has strangs. And I quite prefer the latter. 


I've experienced a lot of tragedy (as I'm sure many of us have), much of it shortly after becoming a Christ-follower. I turned to writing to sort out my thoughts. I grew to enjoy writing and reading literature that is thought-provoking as well as entertaining. 

I grew even more in my faith and writing skills during my time at Rosedale Bible College. I traveled, learned more about my Mennonite background, and snagged an Associate's in biblical studies.

I met my husband in 2013 while earning my Bachelor's in English at Alice Lloyd College, and we were married in 2017. Somewhere in between, I started writing my first completed novel: THE GIRL AND THE STOLEN FIDDLE. 

My husband and I now have three beautiful children in whom we hope to instill our love of reading and writing. 

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