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If you or anyone you know has had an abortion and would like to learn more about abortion aftercare and support, here's a good place to start: The International Helpline for Abortion Recovery: (866) 482-5433 or If you are considering getting an abortion, I recommend watching the "What is Abortion?" series to learn more about it: You by Stephanie Julia Gibson Erasing you won't erase the trauma. Erasing you will make the trauma multiply. Silencing you won't stop the pain. Instead, the quiet becomes a constant reminder. Destroying you won't destroy the abuse. It passes the abuse on. Not meeting you won't erase the memories or the thoughts of what could have been. Aborting you promises a return to normal, but only it makes everyone else more comfortable.

An 11-year-old girl carrying a baby. Horrible crimes already committed. Innocence was destroyed. Choices were stripped away. This is another choice someone will make for her. Either path is full of pain, but to birth a baby makes everyone around her angry--they should be. Killing you won't ease the little girl's pain, but it will make the world forget and be happy.

Then there's you. Kicking around--oblivious to the uproar you've caused. Everybody is talking about bodily autonomy, and arguing about when you have a right to be alive, but even a corpse has more rights than you.

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